Approved in relapsed CLL in combination with rituximab where rituximab alone is appropriate due to comorbidities


ZYDELIG demonstrated superior PFS and powerful disease control in a pivotal phase 3 trial

Kaplan-Meier Plot of
IRC-Assessed PFS

Median duration of exposure to ZYDELIG was 8 months due to stoppage of the trial after the first interim analysis. The P value for PFS was based on stratified log-rank test.

CI=confidence interval; HR=hazard ratio; IRC=independent review committee; NR=not reached; PFS=progression-free survival.

Give patients more progression-free time with ZYDELIG

  • 82% risk reduction in PFS with ZYDELIG + rituximab vs rituximab alone
  • 66% of patients on ZYDELIG were progression free at 1 year vs 13% with rituximab alone1

Patients treated with ZYDELIG + rituximab demonstrated lymphocytosis that mostly peaked at week 2 and resolved by week 12 (n=70 of 110)2

  • Lymphocytosis was not considered to be disease progression, per suggested modifications to IWCLL criteria3

IWCLL=International Workshop on Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia.