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ZYDELIG is a pill you take twice a day1

150 mg*  

ZYDELIG® (idelalisib) 150 mg pill.

100 mg*

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It's important to understand your ZYDELIG (idelalisib) dosage and to take your medication exactly as prescribed.

The recommended dosage for ZYDELIG is 150 mg twice daily. If you experience certain side effects while taking ZYDELIG, your doctor may decide to temporarily or permanently stop ZYDELIG to address the side effect. Once the side effect is resolved, your doctor may restart ZYDELIG at 100 mg twice daily. Of the patients in the clinical trial who stopped and restarted ZYDELIG in order to manage certain side effects, more than half who stopped due to diarrhea or liver toxicity were ultimately able to remain on therapy.1,2

*Pills and bottles not shown at actual size.

What if you miss a dose of ZYDELIG?1

Unless your doctor has specifically instructed you to stop taking ZYDELIG, it's important not to miss a dose so you can get the most benefit from your medication as possible. However, if you do miss a dose, there's no need to worry. Get back into your routine by following the directions below:

  • If you miss a dose within 6 hours, take the missed dose right away and the next dose at your usual time
  • If it's been more than 6 hours since your missed dose, wait and take the next dose at your usual time

General DOs and DON'Ts1


Take ZYDELIG exactly as directed by your doctor.

Swallow ZYDELIG whole, with or without food.

Try to take ZYDELIG at the same times every day (setting reminder alarms can help).

Give your doctor and pharmacist a list of all the other medicines you're taking, and inform them of any medication changes.

Store ZYDELIG at 68°F to 86°F (20°C to 30°C), in its original container, and ALWAYS out of reach of children.

Report side effects to your doctor or nurse as soon as possible. You know what is normal for you, so be sure to report anything that seems out of the ordinary at any time while taking ZYDELIG—even if it isn't a side effect listed on this website.


Don't change your ZYDELIG dose without first talking to your doctor.

Don't stop taking your ZYDELIG without first talking to your doctor.

Don't take prescription and over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, or herbal supplements without first consulting your doctor. Some of these may interact with ZYDELIG.

Don't use your ZYDELIG if the seal over the bottle opening is broken or missing.


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Tips for managing & reporting certain side effects

Side effects may occur when you take ZYDELIG. Some side effects may be managed if discussed early with your treatment team

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