PI3Kδ is a target for FL, CLL, and SLL1

PI3Kδ pathway

ZYDELIG Is a Selective Inhibitor of PI3Kδ Kinase

  • ZYDELIG induces apoptosis and inhibits malignant B-cell proliferation*
  • ZYDELIG inhibits several cell signaling pathways, including BCR, CXCR4, and CXCR5 signaling, all of which are involved in trafficking and homing of B cells to the lymph nodes and bone marrow
  • Treatment with ZYDELIG inhibits chemotaxis and adhesion and reduces malignant B-cell viability*

*Effects were observed in cell lines derived from malignant B cells and in primary tumor cells.

BCR=B-cell receptor; CLL=chronic lymphocytic leukemia; CXCR=C-X-C chemokine receptor; FL=follicular B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma; PI3Kδ=phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase delta; SLL=small lymphocytic lymphoma.